What do you call a grouping of folkies? A gaggle? A murder? A hemp? Well whatever it is, a big group of folkies descended on Toronto this past weekend for the annual Folk Alliance International Conference..

It was quite an amazing time, with artists showcasing everywhere the eye could see. They played in hotel rooms, ballrooms, lobbys and hallways, hoping for some festival or (devilishly handsome) folk music radio host to notice them. Mainly festivals. 

I'll do a complete run down of the conference later, but in the meantime I thought I'd mention that best act I saw during the weekend. At any music conference, there's a buzz band; a band that people in the know are talking about. This year it was Los Angeles' The Milk Carton Kids

The band is certainly nothing flashy. Two dudes in suits, holding vintage guitars and singing harmony. They sound like a mix of Gillian Welch, The Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel and the brooding vernacular darkness of The Decemberists.

This is one of those bands that you'll be happy to hear about before they get big, and everyone at their packed showcases had the same feeling. I hope you get it too.



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posted by Tom Power on Feb 27, 2013