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This week on Choral Concert Peter Togni will say goodbye to Choral Concert. Peter is moving on to devoting himself full time to musical composition and performance.

On this show Peter will be spinning some of his favourite discs from years past as well as looking forward. You will hear some of his all time favourites along with some wonderful new releases that have appeared over the summer months.

You will hear the Lady Cove Women’s Choir from St John’s, the great British quartet the Hilliard Ensemble, and a brilliant performance of a Charpentier mass performed by the Studio de Musique Ancienne de Montreal.

Peter will also introduce you to the new host of Choral Concert, a man who has a deep knowledge and love of choral music as well being a bright, young and talented conductor – Nick Halley.

If you want to get in touch with Peter as he moves on to his new ventures as a full time musician, please just click the e mail link to the right of this page and we will make sure his message is passed on.

Choral Concert, the “moving on is bittersweet” edition. This SUNDAY, Sept. 1st, 2013 9:00 - 11:00 am, (9:30 - 11:30 NT) on CBC Radio 2

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Peter Togni passes on the torch

This week on Choral Concert Peter Togni will say goodbye to Choral Concert. Peter is moving on to dev…


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#1 posted by
on Aug 26, 2013

there is much to say 

to be grateful for


thank you must suffice

the best of both

to you and us


#2 posted by
on Aug 28, 2013

I really appreciate all the fabulous music you've brought to us on Choral Concert, so thoughtfully programmed.  Sunday mornings have been special to me because of it. 

All my best wishes in your future endeavours.


#3 posted by
on Sep 01, 2013

Very sad to hear Peter is leaving the radio waves. Choral concert is the best music program on the radio! I listen to it in multiple versions, first on the ipod using the wifi options of listening to different time zones, then later after walking the dogs on the regular radio though my cable tv connection. I will really miss the interesting presentation and great music Peter and Jeff have brought to my home.

very sad news :-(


but thank you for the years of great music


#4 posted by
on Sep 01, 2013

this is very sad news.  i missed the first few minutes of the show this morning, so only just realized when peter made a casual reference to it being his last.  over the past 10 years, CBC radio 2 has declined into a bland station with little cultural or artistic ambition.  sunday is the remaining day that hints at old glory and i otherwise tune into bbc 3 over the internet.  ironically, just a couple of weeks ago, i began drafting a letter in my head, suggesting to the directors they put peter togni in charge of the whole operation and perhaps turn things around.  sigh...

peter:  all the best.  your musical taste and wit will be sorely missed, as will your cunning sense of just the right bit of bach to play a the right time--i imagine there is an excellent dance DJ incarnation of you in a parallel universe.

#5 posted by
on Sep 01, 2013

Don't go, Peter, don't go!  I agree wholeheartedly with comments 3 and 4.

#6 posted by
on Sep 01, 2013

OH my word, I am both shocked and sadden to hear of Peter leaving Choral Concert. I have so enjoyed listening to Peter each Sunday morning. I would get up early so I could listen in the different time zones and then when 9 o'clock rolled around, I then switched over to Pacific Time Zone.

Peter is an incredibly talented and gifted man. He has been generous in sharing his musical  knowledge with us all along with some of his favourite Composers, has been a special treat..

I remember listening to when Howard Dyck was the Host of Choral Concert. And when he announced that he was leaving I literally broke down and cried my eyes out.

And now it is our dear Peter Togni's turn to do likewise... not easy for any of us to say Good-Bye to him, no way.

I wish Peter all the best in his new endeavours but, I will definitely miss hearing his soft voice each Sunday morning and especially his sharing some of the most glorious Choral music.

Thank you Peter for sharing with all of us.. Know that we'll miss you more than you know.

Warmest wishes to you.God Bless


Derek Lindner
#7 posted by
Derek Lindner
on Sep 04, 2013

My favourite line of Peter's was when he was guest hosting Tempo and he said

'Just a minute while I go into the back room and get the good Scotch'

Then he'd play some rare, unique seldom played work like he did on his last Choral Concert show with the Polish Baroque composer Bartlomiej Pekiel.

One of Peter Togni's broadcasting highlights was during the Messiaen Centenary when he accompanied Simon Docking to read all 7 books of the Catalogue L'Oiseaux.

And he along with SMAM were also responsible for me creating a window sticker for my car which says "I want to hear every piece Monteverdi wrote"


#8 posted by
on Sep 15, 2013

Say it isn't so. Peter Togni has been a beloved anticipated Sunday morning guest for years. Choral Concert, with Peter's quietly humourous and knowledgeable presentation of glorious music from around the globe, has been food for the soul. As if Peter's loss weren't enough, the program has been reduced to an hour from two. It's another very sad September programming change by CBC, reminiscent of Tom Allen's departure from his morning show for Shift a few years ago. Weekday mornings have never been the same since Tom moved and now bidding farewell to Peter Togni changes the face of Sundays as well.

We will miss Peter greatly but also wish him every success and happiness.

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