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A Propos is always looking for new and exciting talents from the francophone world to feature for you. On this week's edition of the program, A Propos host Jim Corcoran reveals his list of Quebec songwriters and bands to watch for in 2014, artists that we believe will have a great new year, and will shape the sounds of Quebec.

Audrey Emery

A Propos has been looking forward to Audrey Emery’s first album and, at last, she will release her first EP in January. You might have heard her voice on Martin Léon’s album Les Atomes, and she also starred in an A Propos songwriters’ session in 2012.

“It’s enough for me to confidently foresee an exciting year and a great buzz around Audrey’s very cool, very mature, sassy voice and style,” said Corcoran, after hearing the first song from Emery's EP.

Patrice Michaud

Patrice Michaud has been one of A Propos’ favourites since the release of his debut CD in 2011. In February, he will be releasing a brand new album. The first, very catchy single has an unexpected title: "Mécaniques generals" (General mechanics.) Here’s a teaser.


Alexandre Désilets

Alexandre Désilets has one of the French world's most remarkable voices. According to Corcoran, “he has produced some of Quebec’s most creative and intelligent of songs and recordings. And he’s about to release a new CD that I’m positive will broaden his fanbase here in Quebec and everywhere.”

Désilets' album is called Fancy ghetto


Sally Folk

Her debut album was released in October 2013, and Sally Folk looks like she’ll be having fun in 2014 with the songs from this self-titled album. Watch this video for her first single. 


Philémon Cimon

Philémon Cimon is rather shy and soft-spoken, but he is also very creative. With his fragile voice, Cimon delivers personal and honest songs. From his upcoming record, L’été (Summer), this video of the song “Soleil Blanc” is inspired by the poetry of silent film.  

David Marin

David Marin has been working hard and long on his sophomore CD, Le choix de l’embarras. Produced by Louis-Jean Cormier, it came out last fall and has been very well received in Quebec. The new year is a promising one for Marin, and you can hear it in the song below, "Le vent vire," which could be translated as "the wind is changing" or "the tide is turning." 

Tire le coyote

Quebec’s Benoit Pinette has an unusual voice that takes a bit of getting used to, but Corcoran considers him to be “one of the most interesting songwriters right now in Quebec.” His project is called Tire le coyote (Shoot the coyote) and his album Mitan came out in 2013. He’s definitely someone to watch in 2014.

To discover Pinette's personal style, check out this song entitled “Chainsaw.”


Among the many more artists from Quebec to look for in 2014: Kevin Thompson, Klô Pelgag, Simon Kearner, Sunny Duval and Keith Kouna. Stay in touch with A Propos, and host Jim Corcoran will keep you posted with Quebec’s most exciting songwriters and bands. 

A Propos airs on Sunday at 4 p.m. (4:30 p.m. NT) on CBC Radio 2 and Saturday at 11 p.m. (6 p.m. AT, 6:30 p.m. NT) on CBC Radio One.

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Quebec songwriters and bands to watch in 2014

A Propos is always looking for new and exciting talents from the francophone world to feature for you…


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