On this week’s edition of A Propos, we feature a few of the new, contemporary, and unconventional artists rocking in French. After featuring last week the original bad boys and girls of rock 'n' roll in Quebec, host Jim Corcoran presents the music of their offspring. Discover free spirits from Quebec’s music scene who are giving a new meaning to the word "bad."

One of the artists who comes to mind when speaking of artistic freedom is Fred Fortin, a bassist, guitarist, drummer, singer and songwriter who has a very interesting solo career. He is also the lead singer of Gros Mené as well as a member of the band Galaxie and a sought after collaborator.

"He is one of the most brilliant, influential and aloof of recording artists and songwriters ever to come from Quebec, says Corcoran. He’ll always be a "bad boy," the main stream will always ignore him, and he’s perfectly happy with that. He’s one of the most important and genuinely talented of free spirits in Quebec’s alternative music scene. Someone I obviously admire."

Discover a song by Fred Fortin taken from Gros Mené’s most recent album. It's about a hockey pool and Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. 


Listen to Corcoran’s translation of the song "Ovechkin."

Another artist featured on this week’s program is Mara Tremblay. When she released her first record 14 years ago, many people were surprised by her unusual voice and her original style of music and lyrics. With her very personal songs, she has become an influential artist in Quebec. Watch her in this video of her song “Le printemps des amants.”

Tremblay and Fortin have a great friend and collaborator in common, someone who has helped many songwriters in their quest for "the bad," guitarist, singer and songwriter Olivier Langevin. He is also the lead singer of the band called Galaxie, one of Quebec’s hottest rock bands. Check out this video and find out why Corcoran believes he is one of the best (or baddest!) guitar players anyhwhere.

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posted by Sophie Laurent on Sep 18, 2013