This week on A Propos, we're featuring bad boys and bad girls of Quebec’s rock 'n' roll scene. You'll hear some trailblazers as well as some very talented newcomers who are keeping the bad reputation of rock stars intact.

The English language had already a handle on rock 'n' roll for a few decades when, in the 1970s, all around the world, people began rocking in their own languages. In Quebec, there were quite a few rockers singing in French, among them Michel Pagliaro and Robert Charlebois.

Did Charlebois, the original bad boy from Quebec, actually throw his entire drum kit at a boring audience in Paris in the 1970s, at the beginning of his career? Host Jim Corcoran reveals the true story on this edition of A Propos.

Thanks to the pioneers, many francophone rock artists have surfaced over the years. You’ll hear a few of them on our program including Jean Leloup, Galaxie, Keith Kouna and Daniel Boucher. With this unusual song, Boucher became a house hold name in Quebec. Watch “La désise,” an unexpected huge hit from 2000.

More recently, a newcomer on the music scene left quite a few people perplexed. Is the singer of Patrik et les brutes a bad boy or a bad girl of rock 'n' roll? One thing is clear, his music is not ambiguous: it’s party rock. Discover Patrik et les brutes in this video.

Other bad boys and girls might choose to be irreverent with a style of music rooted in bluegrass, country and blues. Bernard Adamus has been getting a lot of attention since 2009 with his own energetic and raw approach to music. Watch this video featuring a song from his most recent album. 

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posted by Sophie Laurent on Sep 13, 2013