CBC Radio’s A Propos is 25 years old, and we’re celebrating! Host Jim Corcoran picked 10 essential songs written in the past 25 years and asked 10 of his favourite artists to re-create them. This week, you can watch two more videos featuring surprising versions of memorable songs.

For a quarter-century now, Corcoran has been looking for talent to discover, constantly learning about and listening to great new francophone music without forgetting the pioneers. With his curiosity and insight, he allows CBC listeners to stay connected to the lively music scene in Quebec and across the francophone world. 

Caracol performs Luc De Larochellière’s ‘Si fragile’

Luc De Larochellière released his first album in 1988, the same year A Propos started airing on CBC Radio. He hasn’t stopped writing great songs, and A Propos hasn’t stopped broadcasting them.

De Larochellière became a hugely successful songwriter and recording artist here in Quebec and all over francophone Europe in the 1990s. His multi-platinum album Sauvez mon âme was released in 1990.

“Tucked away among the many hits on that record was a song that I was and remain particularly fond of,” says Corcoran. It’s called “Si fragile,” and singer-songwriter Caracol was asked to revisit this song for A Propos’ celebrations.  

Caracol was part of Quebec’s all-time most successful worldbeat band, DobaCaracol. After 450 concerts in 16 countries on four continents, the band broke up and Caracol moved on to have a successful solo career. She has released two solo albums featuring her unique style of songwriting in both French and English. Watch her brilliant new arrangement of the song “Si fragile,” written by De Larochellière.

[AUDIO] Listen to Corcoran’s translation of De Larochellière’s “Si fragile.”


Luc De Larochellière performs ‘Jenny’ by Richard Desjardins

In the 1970s, Richard Desjardins was the lead singer of a country rock band called Abbittibbi. But it is in 1987, when he was in his 50s, that Desjardins launched his first solo album and became a household name in Quebec and France. He is now considered one of Quebec’s finest songwriters and poets.

“De Larochellière and Richard Desjardins are both skillful songwriters and storytellers,” says Corcoran. He asked De Larochellière to perform “Jenny,” written in 2003 by Desjardins. For many music fans, this is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written in Quebec.

[AUDIO] To discover the lyrics, listen to Corcoran’s translation of Desjardins’ “Jenny.”

Come back next week, as our celebration of A Propos’ 25th anniversary on CBC Radio will continue, and we'll feature our last two exclusive videos of essential francophone songs.


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posted by Sophie Laurent on Apr 19, 2013