When you're a university student, your days are mostly spent nourishing your mind. You're learning more facts and theories and thoughts and feelings than you ever dreamed could exist, cramming information into every spare corner of your brain, trying desperately to keep any of it from spilling out and vanishing forever. When the day ends and the studying's done, there's no better way to unwind than by nourishing your soul. And how better to do that than like the Greeks did: with live music?

The best universities understand the importance of concerts to the student experience, and go out of their way to host great bands at their own facilities, which have the added benefit of being stumbling distance from the dorms. And, for the student intrepid enough to venture off campus, many university towns have bustling live scenes to offer in local bars and theatres. If you play your cards right, you can see live music every night of the year! Just don't blame me when you fail your morning class.

Today, we shine the spotlight on five schools with exceptionally great live music scenes, and the shows and venues that put them on the map. Learn more about them in the gallery above.


Vote for Canada's best music campus

Whether they've been the birthplaces of your favourite indie acts, hotspots for frequented live venues or the home of some of today's best new music, Canada's college and university campuses have their fingers on the pulse of the country's music scene.

Which do you think is Canada's best campus for music? You can vote once per day for your favourite school before polls close at 11:59 p.m. ET tonight (Wednesday, Sept. 11). Tune in to CBC Radio 3 on Thursday, Sept. 12, when we reveal your winner!

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posted by Graham Wright on Sep 11, 2013