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Lindy Vopnfjord is having a pretty great 2013. He's the only artist with songs simultaneously on the CBC R2-20 and the CBC R3-30. This week you gave him the "Most On-Line Votes" bumping him into the top 10. Everyone Loves Lindy!

Check out this CBC Music in-depth interview with Lindy the tallest man in Canadian rock. Here's his top 10 song on the chart this week, "Dark Matter" performed live. 

Raine Maida is back with the second song from his album We All Get Lighter called “S.O.S”. The video is a gorgeous animation featuring two characters trying to navigate through a city under siege by nature. They dodge tidal waves, rising water levels, climbing higher and higher to escape the water.

If you live in one of the cities hit by rain storms this past month, fleeing a flood might be all too familiar!  Here's Raine pouring on the passion with “S.O.S”

And look who's snuck back into the top spot:  Tegan and Sara are back at number one for the third time with  "I Was A Fool" making chart history. They are the first artists to reach the top with the same song on three different occasions. 

The chart

1.  Tegan and Sara, "I Was A Fool" (THE HOT SHOOTER, up seven)

2.  Serena Ryder, "What I Wouldn't Do" (same)

3.  Wake Owl, "Wild Country" (down two)

4.  Frank Turner, "Recovery" (up three)

5.  Passenger, "Let Her Go" (same)

6. Express and Company, "Carry Me Along" (up four)

7. Meredith Shaw, "Call it a Night" (down one) 

8. The Mowgli's, "San Francisco" (up six) 

9.  Donovan Woods, "Put On, Cologne" (down 5)

10. Lindy, "Dark Matter" (up one & most online votes)

11.  Fitz & the Tantrums, "Out Of My League" (down 8)

12.  Half Moon Run, "Full Circle" (same) 

13.   Vampire Weekend, "Unbelievers" (down four)

14.  Mumford & Sons, "Babel" (down one)  

15.  City and Colour, "Of Space and Time" (up two)

16.  Of Monsters and Men, "King and Lionheart"  (up two)

17.  Jake Bugg, "Lightning Bolt" (down one)

18.  Raine Maida, "S.O.S" (new entry)

19.  Mavis Staples, "Can You Get To That?" (re-entry)

20.  Tom Odell, "Another Love" (same)

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posted by Pete Morey on Jul 12, 2013