It's July, which means we are on the search for our next summer jam and assume you are as well. Could it be in one of the albums featured in our monthly music preview? Considering the variety, there's a good chance.

Like loud guitars? Then you'll probably like the latest from Toronto underground favourites the Mark Inside, or even a new, more rock-influenced album from Dustin Bentall? Or maybe you like those guitars mixed with some synth? The debut from "experimental yacht rockers" Fur Trade are exactly what you need, in that case. If you prefer more twang, there's also Fugitives, who say their latest was inspired by astronauts (yes, really), while Chris Velan slows things down a bit on his heartbreaking fifth album. In hop-hop, MC/producer Die-Rek definitely gives Shad a run for his money, and almost as if she knew what you'd be looking for, singer-songwriter Louise Burns sheds her folksy roots in favour of a new wave-tinged sophomore album. Oh yeah, then there's R&B superstar Robin Thicke, who already has a song of summer with "Blurred Lines," and a new album coming out at the end of the month. We have the Canadian premiere of his Dr. Luke-produced dubstep-y song, "Give it 2 U," featuring Kendrick Lamar (until July 9). So really, what more could you want?

Just hit play and scroll through the gallery to read about the music, and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out their CBC Music artist pages for more, and to pick up their albums when they come out. Enjoy!



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What's your summer album, either from this year, or all time? Tell us in the comments.

posted by Jesse Kinos-Goodin on Jul 02, 2013