We're continuing with our countdown of the 100 greatest Canadian albums ever. Last Monday we revealed 60-41, and now we're ready to move on to 40-21, featuring writeups from model-turned-author Christy Turlington (Burns), author-artist Douglas Coupland, alt-rocker J Mascis, country superstar Gord Bamford and more.


It may be an impossible task to accurately quantify the greatest, but we’ve given it our best: CBC Music presents the 100 greatest Canadian albums. Ever.

The talent in this country is unparalleled, the scope of our music as vast and diverse as the landscape. A strong foundation of musicians and bands have worked hard and continue to work hard; they are known and proven quantities who hold their own on an international scale, making Canada one of the biggest and most exciting music hotspots in the world. Need proof? Look no further than the gallery above.

We’ve asked a diverse array of musicians, writers, actors and artists to write about each album on the list. From Oscar Award-winning actor Russell Crowe to R&B singer Zaki Ibrahim to graphic novelist Bryan Lee O’Malley to playwright/author Carmen Aguirre, it’s a star-studded list of contributors who will help us roll out the 100 greatest Canadian albums over the course of the next five weeks. Make sure to check back every Monday, as we’re counting down from 100, 20 albums at a time, until we get to number one!

What would your number one Canadian album be? Tell us in the comments below. And discuss the first batch on Twitter using #CBC100, or leave a comment on our Facebook page.


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100 greatest Canadian albums (60-41)


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posted by CBC Music on Jul 22, 2013