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Three songs debut on the chart this week, and all of them are in the top 5, including a brand new number one song! 

The R3-30 w/e June 28, 2013 

30. Louise Burns "Emerald's Shatter"
29. Miesha & The Spanks "Please Don't Blow"
28.  The Crackling "Ashen"
27. By Divine Right "Mutant Message"
26. Ell V Gore "Smack Me Up"
25.  Hooded Fang "Graves"
24. Chris Kelly "Cold Feet"
23. Jim Guthrie "The Rest is Yet to Come"
22. Besnard Lakes "The Spectre"
21. Fur Trade "Kids These Days"
20. Donovan Woods "Put On, Cologne"
19. Minotaurs "Split the Atom"
18. Jane's Party "Til You Got Yours"
17. Wind-Up Radio Sessions "Diane"
16. Young Galaxy  "Fever"
15. Sloan "It's In You, It's In Me"
14. Bear Mountain "Two Step"
13. The Matinee "L'Absinthe"
12. In-flight Safety "Destroy"
11. Braids "In Kind"
10. We Are the City "Baptism"
9.  AA Wallace "Temporal Suspension"
8.  Wake Owl "Wild Country"
7. Austra "Home"
6. Scientists of Sound "Statik Klingon"
5. Lindy "Below The Canopy"
4. King Khan and the Shrines "Bite My Tongue"
3. Stella Ella Ola "Donna"
2. Wildlife "One For The Body"
1. Fake Shark Real Zombie "Girls (feat. Steve Bays)"


posted by Lana Gay on Jun 28, 2013