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Sam Roberts is arguably one of Canada's most popular musicians.

The born-and-bred Montrealer is a multi-platinum-selling artist who has racked up six Juno Awards over the course of his hugely successful career. He just played to 5,000 fans at the CBCMusic.ca Festival in Toronto.

But when the CBC Beetle rolled into Montreal to meet up with Sam, to our surprise, he claimed that though he may be a household rock 'n' roll name in Canada, he has almost complete anonymity while strolling the streets of his own hometown.

Of course we didn't believe him, so we decided to put Sam Roberts and Dave Nugent, the lead guitarist of the Sam Roberts Band, to the test.

We asked the Sam Roberts Band to busk on the streets of Montreal to see if anyone would notice.

I took the results very personally. Maybe, um, too personally? You be the judge.

Make sure you check out the full photo gallery from "Sam Roberts Band: when busking goes badly."

posted by Grant Lawrence on Jun 14, 2013