Final exams suck. But since there's no avoiding them, CBC Classical is here to help you not only get through the ordeal, but also succeed. We designed a classical music playlist to boost your brain power during your cramming session, and help you get the A+ you deserve.

Various studies have attempted to prove the cognitive benefits of listening to Vivaldi and the positive effect of Mozart's music on the development of children's brains, a.k.a. the Mozart Effect.

We're less scientifically inclined — although our playlist has got Vivaldi and Mozart covered, just in case — and believe instead that classical music helps you study because of a combination of factors:

1. Classical music's clearly organized rhythm encourages clear thinking.

2. Listening to sophisticated harmonies helps the brain cope with complex ideas.

3. Slow pieces help you relax; faster ones keep you alert — a good combination for maintaining your focus.

4. Smart people wrote it, and smart people play it, so doesn't it make sense that people who listen to classical music are smart, too? Smart enough to ace their exams, that's for sure.

Our classical playlist for studying runs more than two hours. At that point, you'll need to stretch your legs and take a CBC-sanctioned break.


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Use the comments below to let us know what exam you're studying for, what you're eating and drinking to sustain your energy, and — most importantly — if you get an A.

posted by Robert Rowat on Jun 06, 2013