If you go to a concert, chances are you’ll hear the band say, “We have the greatest fans in the world.” And they’re not lying, but they’re usually wrong.

Bands don’t get to choose their fans, and there are some great artists with really obnoxious fans, which is reflected back onto the artist. Your existing fanbase can alienate potential future fans. People may like Dave Matthews’s music but don’t want to be perceived as a Dave Matthews fan, with all the baggage that comes with that.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this completely unfair list of artists with the worst fans — fans that are so annoying that they repel anyone new from wanting to be counted among their ranks.

You may notice a few obvious names not on the list. If you were attracted to the music of Jimmy Buffett, Insane Clown Posse or Phish in the first place, you’re probably too oblivious to recognize that the fans are kind of a joke.

And don’t worry if you think you see yourself on this list. You’re still less annoying than all sports fans.


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posted by Dave Shumka on May 07, 2013