Back in 1985, the year before 'License to Ill' dropped and they became worldwide stars, the Beastie Boys supported Madonna on her North American 'The Virgin' Tour.

They taped an interview that year in Washington, DC (and taped is the right word - this was literally captured on casette) with ABC News Radio's Rocci Fisch.

Now, PBS Digital Studios has used the audio of that interview to create this awesome animated video for their 'Blank on Blank' series.

It showcases three young, cocky, and often hilarious musicians who seem a little surprised to be opening for a pop megastar like Madonna.

And why did they name themselves The Beastie Boys? Well, they say it was "the stupidest name they could think of."

This Saturday marks the one year anniversary of Adam Yauch aka MCA's untimely death from cancer. He's being honoured in his hometown of Brooklyn with two events.

On Friday, Palmetto Playground in Brooklyn Heights will be renamed 'Adam Yauch Playground'. The movement to rename the park started with fans on social media, including Kathleen Hanna, frontwoman of Bikini Kill and wife of Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz).

Horovitz and Michael 'Mike D' Diamond will be on hand for the ceremony.

And on Saturday, the second annual MCA Day is happening at Brooklyn's Littlefield. Get more details at Consequence of Sound.

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