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David Bowie is back and making waves with his new song "The Next Day". The video includes Bowie depicted as Christ and has some religious groups upset.

Rear-View Mirror: Rich Terfry reaches into his record collection and takes a closer look at the song that helped to pioneer psychedalia on the radio. The Byrds and "8 Miles High". Listen and learn more here.


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Live At 5: Corb Lund takes his Alberta country sound and pushes towards rockabilly with this new song "Mein Deutsches Motorrad". The singer performs the song in St. Albert with his band tonight on Canada Live, and we have a preview.



Today from City and Colour, David Bowie, Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk & Jamie N Commons



How to open a beer: 

From the department of bad ideas: cow patty vs. fire cracker: 

How a monkey reacts to being treated unfairly: 

Cute overload - sleepy duckling: 

posted by Mark Wigmore on May 09, 2013