The weather is getting warmer, the buds on the trees are blossoming, the sun is shining —  which can only mean one thing: music festival season has arrived!

To celebrate festival season, and our upcoming CBC Music Festival on May 25, we asked you what bands you'd have in the lineup for your Canadian dream festival. You were allowed to choose any Canadian bands you wanted (even if they don't exist any more), at any venue you could imagine. 

The result: the Too Good To Be True Canadian Music Festival!

Of course, it's too good to be true, so it's not actually going to happen in real life, but this playlist includes songs from the bands on your dream festival lineup. All you have to do is use your imagination, and it will be like we're hanging out at the best festival that never happened! 


Listen to the Too Good To Be True Canadian music festival playlist

 To help you really get into it, here's the map of the venue, the spectacular Canada Island.

Mountains to the west! Tundra to the north! The Canadian Shield! Beaches! And all of the Canadian activities you could ever want! This is a festival where anything is possible — ice fishing, skiing, canoeing, camping in trees. Oh, and all of the porta-potties are made of solid gold. 

So, what bands are you excited for? Who do you think would have the best set? What zone will you be hanging out in? What real festivals will you be checking out this summer? 


Sam Roberts Band, Of Monsters and Men, Kathleen Edwards, Sloan, more to play inaugural Festival

posted by Raina Douris on Apr 24, 2013