For the past seven weeks, we've been sharing videos of Lights performing acoustic songs up north in Inuvik, N.W.T. She made the trip to preview some arrangements from her upcoming Siberia Acoustic album at Inuvik's igloo church.

This week, we've got one final video for you. Fortunately the flight back home wasn't full, so Lights had some room to pull out her guitar. We captured her playing "Suspension" in row six at 30,000 feet, as her ears were popping. Check it out in the video player above.

And this coming Monday, April 29, CBC Music will be hosting a special 24-hour advance stream of Siberia Acoustic, one day before its official release. You can pre-order Siberia Acoustic on iTunes. The first single, "Cactus in the Valley," is available now.

Check out all of Lights' Inuvik videos, as well as her travel diary, in the links below.


Lights performs ‘Cactus in the Valley’ with Jay Gilday in Inuvik

Lights goes dog sledding and performs 'Toes' in Inuvik

Lights performs ‘Banner’ in Inuvik

Lights performs ‘Peace Sign’ in Inuvik

Lights performs ‘Where the Fence is Low’ in Inuvik

Lights performs ‘Siberia’ in Inuvik

Lights' Inuvik travel diary

posted by Dave Shumka on Apr 24, 2013