If you're a music fan, it was a busy weekend for sure...

- The Juno Awards were in Regina all weekend long.

Winners included Elliott BROOD , Classified and David Myles, Monster Truck, Rose Cousins, Metric, and Leonard Cohen among many others. Losers included bahamas, Kathleen Edwards, Hannah Georgas, and Danny Michel. Maybe most surprisingly, The Sheepdogs also walked away empty handed in their own province! Outrageous!

- Record Store Day on Saturday across the country shattered sales numbers for many stores.

- ...and for Black Mountain fans, 4/20 fell on this past Saturday as well.

What do you think of the Juno winners and losers? Did you watch? What was your favourite moment of the show? Did the Junos get it right? Did you take part in Record Store Day or 4/20?

Let me know by posting on our blog, tweeting me up @grantlawrence or emailing me grant.lawrence@cbc.ca and listen to the conversation and the music on CBC Radio 3 with Grant Lawrence, 9am PT / noon ET.


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posted by Grant Lawrence on Apr 22, 2013