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There are two new songs debuting on the chart, including one in the Top 3, and a former #1 returns to the top spot AGAIN! Also, the song that’s been on the chart the longest also got the most love in your votes.

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The R3-30 w/e March 29, 2013

30. Hayden "Blurry Nights"
29. Woodpigeon "Red Rover Red Rover"
28. Luke Lalonde "Hate The Night"
27.  K-os "Surfs Up"
26. Thomas D'arcy "I Wake up Every Day"
25. Shotgun Jimmie "Standing in a Line"
24. Wool on Wolves "Broken Pictures"
23. The Besnard Lakes "People of the Sticks"
22. The Shilohs "Get Ready Now"
21. Kate Rogers Band "The Lake"
20. Hollerado "Desire 126"
19. Young Galaxy "Pretty Boy
18. The Matinee "Long Way Home"
17. Ladyhawk "Evil Eye"
16. Two Hours Traffic "Faster 4 U"
15. Mo Kenney "Sucker"
14. Deep Dark Woods "My Baby's Got to Pay the Rent"
13. Diamond Rings "All The Time"
12. Inlet Sound "Magnetic North"
11. Poor Young Things "Sign of the Times"
10. Magneta Lane "Burn"
9. Wildlife "Born To Ruin"
8. Grounders "Speedboats"
7. Abramson Singers "Jack of Diamonds"
6. Mounties "Headphones"
5. Groenland "Superhero"
4. Portage and Main "Better Man"
3. The Meds "Renegades"
2. Chris Ho "Story of the Flood"
1. Fake Shark Real Zombie "Paint It Gold"


posted by Lana Gay on Mar 29, 2013