David Bowie’s new album, The Next Day, is out as of Tuesday, March 12. To celebrate, CBC resident Bowie scholar, Q’s Jian Ghomeshi, is handing over his signature new wave station to the Thin White Duke for one week. From now until Tuesday, March 19, Jian’s New Wave is Jian’s All Bowie, a 24/7 stream of your favourite Bowie songs.

You’ll hear classics like “Space Oddity,” “Ziggy Stardust,” “Heroes” and “Let’s Dance,” as well as deeper cuts from Bowie’s 46-year 26-album recording career. You’ll also hear a track from the new album every hour, including the first two singles, “Where Are We Now?” and “The Stars (Are Out Tonight).”


Click the play button to listen to Jian’s All Bowie stream or find it in the stream box on the right.



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posted by Dave Shumka on Mar 12, 2013