Wherever you go, over the next 2 weeks you’ll see waves of pink and red hearts in every store window and complete aisles of chocolaty goodness in every grocery store – which means it’s almost Valentine’s Day! The worst! Just kidding. (Sort of.)

Seeing as you don’t need to be in love to enjoy a good love song in life:


What song best exemplifies the butterflies and elation?
What song is lovely in its subtleties?
Any songs that are the equivalent of those weird roses made out of rolled up panties? (The Weeknd, I’m looking at you.)

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This will get you prepped for our Valentine’s Day All Request Show Thursday, February 14th when we’ll be playing your dedications! Call our toll free number 1-877-955-6565 (ext. 2) and let us know what song you want us to play, and who you’re sending it out to.

You don’t have to be in love to dedicate a song, really. 


posted by Admin on Feb 06, 2013