From Michael Jackson and his primate pal Bubbles to Whitehorse's Melissa McClelland's animal rescue, Ladybird Animal Sanctuary, the loving link between musicians and their creature companions is strong.

In honour of our ongoing Love Month celebrations, CBC Music has assembled an "awwwwwwww"-inducing photo gallery of your favourite artists, their animals and some of the stories behind their lifelong bonds.

July Talk’s Leah Fay and Bijou
In-Flight Safety’s John Mullane and Marten
Library Voice’s Carl Johnson and Neville
Oh No! Yoko’s Nic Denis and Bella
The Acorn’s Rolf Klausener and Benmont
Holy F--k’s Brian Borcherdt and Dusty
41st and Home’s Thom Kolb
Fake Shark Real Zombie!’s Kevvy Mental and Chewy
Buck 65
and Kevin
Grey Kingdom/Attack in Black’s Spencer Burton and Bucky
Michael Jackson and Bubbles
Miley Cyrus and Bean
Carrie Underwood
Kathleen Edwards and her feline companions
Britney Spears and her new toy (dog)
Neko Case and “Love Wolf”
Taylor Swift and Meredith
Justin Bieber and Pac
Katy Perry and Kitty Purry
Folly & the Hunter’s Nick Schofield and Leo
The Highest Order’s Paul Mortimer and Joni
Dusty Springfield and Pal
John Legend and his dogs
Long John Baldry and cats

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posted by Andrea Warner on Feb 21, 2013