Johnny Cash was born on Feb. 26, 1932. After starting out as a young songwriter in his parents' kitchen, Cash moved out and eventually became one of the biggest names in country music. The city he would later adopt, Nashville, will soon be the home of a comprehensive new museum dedicated to Cash.

Nashville is also the home to a pair of young Canadian songwriters — Lennon (age 13) and Maisy (age nine) Stella. Otherwise known as the Stella Sisters, the pair, who grew up with their country-singing parents in Oshawa, Ont., have gone from YouTube sensations to starring on ABC's hit show Nashville.

To help CBC Music celebrate the Man in Black's legacy, we asked the Stella Sisters to perform a cover of Cash's signature songs within the hallowed halls of Nashville's Ryman Auditorium.


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posted by Brad Frenette on Feb 25, 2013