To celebrate Love Month at CBC Music, we’re taking a close look at all the schmaltzy, sugary verses you might find in Valentine’s Day cards. You know, the lines that sound just like they might be in a Hall & Oates song.

So every Friday for the month of February, we’re asking the question: Is it Hallmark? Or is it Hall & Oates?

Listen as CBC Radio 2's Morning host, Tom Power, calls contestants and tests their knowledge. 

But wait! You can play right now. Quick — no Googling — is the below line from Hallmark, or were they written by Hall & Oates?

"Reaching out for something to hold, looking for a love where climate is cold."


PLAYPress play to hear the correct answer Hall & Oates versus Hallmark.



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posted by Nana aba Duncan on Feb 08, 2013