Just 10 days ago, he was a teen from Saint-Raymond-de-Portneuf, Quebec who had an uncanny ability to sing like The King.

But when a YouTube video of him singing Elvis' hit "Blue Christmas" at a local radio station went viral, everything changed for 16-year-old David Thibault.

Currently sitting at over 7.6 million views, the video attracted worldwide accolades — and has now landed Thibault a deal with Universal Music Canada and a spot on Ellen Degeneres' talk show.

He has also released a version of "Blue Christmas" on iTunes.

In fact, Thibault's newfound fame has kept him so busy that he hasn't been back to school since.

“It’s been since I was on the radio singing my song,” he told CBC Montreal’s Homerun en route to his Ellen Degeneres taping, then to another appearance in New York.

“It’s like a dream. I don’t know how to explain that,” Thibault said. “It’s not everyone that gets a chance like this.”

Thibault’s love of Elvis' music was nurtured by his grandfather, and the young man has been performing in Elvis tribute contests for several years. The Quebec radio host saw him play at a recent competition and invited him to sing at the station.

Here is the original video, followed by a video that compares the King's voice with Thibault's eerily similar sound.


Watch: 16-year-old Quebec singer’s spot-on Elvis impression

posted by Jennifer Van Evra on Dec 20, 2013