Oh, band name trends. Though the ‘wolf’ period of the mid 2000s is often mentioned (Wolf Parade, We are Wolves, AIDs Wolf), you could reminisce over the years when punctuation took over (yes, Fake Shark - Real Zombie! we’re looking at you) or when it appeared everyone was into Halloween (insert ghost, vampire and blood bands here.)  This year I thought everyone was anti-vowel, but it appears there are far worse offenders than those who are not fond of the letter ‘u’.

The AV Club have kept tabs on this year’s most notable band names, for better or worse, and have even put them in categories like “Food and Beverage” “Such and such & the so-and-so’s” and “Anatomy.”

Two Canadian indie acts made the list: Hey Ocean! in the “Still with the exclamation points?” category, and Slow Down, Molasses in the “We see what you did there” group. There could be more Canadians on the list, but I was too distracted by names like The Parsnip Revolt and Seizure Salad to find them. Oh, and there are way, way worse.

Check out the full list here, and high fives to The AV Club for keeping track throughout the year! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go check out the Really Loud Hamburgers new EP...

What band names did you love/ loathe in 2013?

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posted by Lana Gay on Dec 09, 2013