Last week, Justin Bieber released "PYD," a sexy slow jam that stands for "put you down." This is a bit confusing, as "put you down" sounds less like a seductive promise than something you'd hear at a horse hospital.

There's a fine line between the sweetest taboo and the clumsiest innuendo. Innuendoes are supposed to be clever turns of phrase that only sound naughty if you're really on the ball. But some innuendoes are so flimsy, you'd have to be incredibly naive not to see the sexual message underneath.

Check out the gallery above. We've compiled the most obvious, hilarious, clumsiest sexual innuendoes, from "Liquid Dreams" to "Layin' Pipe." But to protect the innocent, we've approached them as innocent, naive listeners.

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posted by Dave Shumka on Nov 26, 2013