8 songs by hockey players that will make you cringe

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You have until Nov. 20 to submit Canada's next great hockey song! Do it here!  It’s still anybody’s game!

The stakes have never been higher. CBC Music's Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest contest might be the most important bulwark between civilization and barbarism, with stakes higher than you can possibly imagine. You have no idea how badly hockey needs a good song until you see what happens when you leave it up to the players to record one.

Getting your song on Hockey Night in Canada, and the prizes and bragging rights that go with that, are just shiny baubles in the face of the serious issue of hockey players singing. Watch these videos if you're able. We warn you, it is like watching your dad rap in front of all your friends. Click the gallery if you dare.



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posted by Mike Miner on Oct 31, 2013