Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and Patrick Kane pick their pre-game music


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CBC Music's Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest contest kicked off this week. We're looking for the next great hockey song —  a song that celebrates what hockey is all about and can hype up a team and an arena full of fans.

To help find out what gets players pumped up before a game, we asked a bunch of NHL stars for their picks. Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Patrick Kane, Shea Weber, Martin Brodeur and more told us what gets them going.

There was also a Maple Leaf who's into Florence and the Machine, a St. Louis Blue who digs Matisyahu and Carolina Hurricane who told us about the team's musical curse.

But the biggest trend we spotted was that the league has got a whole lot of country music fans who are suffering through some pre-game techno. Check them all out in the gallery above.

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posted by Dave Shumka on Oct 10, 2013