Patrick Sharp's Pearl Jam pump-up playlist


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In our quest to find Canada's next great hockey song (which you could write), we asked a bunch of current NHL stars what gets them psyched for a big game.

Chicago Blackhawks star and alternate captain Patrick Sharp says that before he hits the ice, there's one band that means more to him than all the rest: Pearl Jam. So Sharp curated a list of his 10 favourite Pearl Jam pump-up tunes for us.

He was reluctant to rank them in order because "it's like picking a favourite daughter." And since Sharp's second daughter was born this week, we'd never ask him to pick favourites. Check out the gallery above for Sharp's Pearl Jam pump-up playlist, in no particular order.

Tune in to tonight's broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada at 7 p.m. ET to catch a very special highlights montage, featuring Pearl Jam, to open up the Leafs at Blackhawks game.

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posted by Talia Schlanger on Oct 19, 2013