In the fall of 2012, Blue Rodeo made the trek to Greg Keelor’s farmhouse, the place where they recorded their most endearing work, 5 Days In July. The plan, this time, was to record some demos for what might become their next record. Much like what happened in July 1993 for 5 Days In July, the band struck gold. The end result is the triumphant new album, In Our Nature.

CBC Music caught up with Blue Rodeo just as final touches were being put on In Our Nature. With the production of the album nearly complete, we asked the band if they could perform some live versions of the songs for us. To our surprise, the band invited us out to Keelor's farm to film on location.

For the album's production, each room of Keelor's farmhouse was used to maximum effect, with drums and guitars and other instruments isolated in bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms. For us, the band was in the living room, where they could interact and perform the songs live.

The end result is this joyous, stripped-down session that I am affectionately calling Two Days in September.

Blue Rodeo In Our Nature is available now at iTunes or Blue Rodeo's website.

And check out these exclusive video performances of "New Morning Sun," "You Should Know" and "Never Too Late" from Blue Rodeo's new album, In Our Nature.

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Blue Rodeo In Our Nature available October 29th, 2013.

posted by Ron Skinner on Oct 16, 2013