"The difference between me and the next actor you’re working with is, I know what it takes to be great at something," says Maestro Fresh Wes, as he looks into the camera. "I know what it takes, the obstacles I had to go through as an MC coming out of Canada.”

Canadian hip-hop recording veterans Maestro Fresh Wes and Bishop Brigante recently talked to CBC Music about their transition between music and acting, in advance of Maestro’s returning role on CBC TV’s Mr. D, and Brigante’s guest appearance on CBC TV’s new crime drama, Cracked. Watch the full interview above.

Maestro has starred alongside seasoned Hollywood actors, such as Jessica Alba in Honey, and made various appearances and cameos in blockbuster films such as Four Brothers and Paid in Full. Canadians may also recognize Maestro from his television roles on Metropia and the ruthless character Andre on The Line. His latest role, however, strays from the usual tough-guy act and truly demonstrates his ability to transform characters, as he plays the loveable high school teacher Paul Dwyer on the CBC comedy Mr. D.

Brigante started acting with a bang, as he landed the role of Eugene Sheps in the 2002 crime thriller Narc. His convincing performance has led to many more roles in television and film over the years, including one of his latest, Marco Pantino in the new CBC crime drama Cracked, which debuts Jan. 8. Brigante makes an appearance in episode two as a low-life pimp being investigated for murder.

Check out Maestro on season two of Mr. D, which launched Jan. 7, at 8 p.m. ET. Also get ready for tonight's premiere of Cracked at 9 p.m. ET, and stay tuned for Bishop's appearance in episode two. Both shows air on CBC. 

posted by Alex Narvaez on Jan 08, 2013