We made it!  2013 is here.  Congratulations, you've lived through another apocalypse. So it's a good time to sum up 2012 in a Signal kind of way. If you listened to our show on New Year's Eve, you would have heard all our favourites. You can hear that show here:





And here's the play log for New Year's Eve.

There were a couple of last minute adds to our list: impressive albums by Regina's Andy Shauf and Luke Lalonde and Kishi Bashi. They were big surprises. Maybe not so surprising to see Patrick Watson on the list, along with Denmark's Efterklang but the David Byrne St. Vincent collaboration is something I didn't expect to be so huge. Not only is the album terrific, the live show was my favourite of the year.  

So sit back enjoy the best of The Signal.  Oh, and please tell us what you think we've missed. What made it to your best of 2012 playlist?



CBCMusic: The Hidden Music Gems of 2012 

posted by Andy Sheppard on Jan 04, 2013