There once was a time, perhaps a long, long time ago when you would pass out Valentines. It was an exciting experience (because you were in elementary school,) it was basically picking out your favourite superhero themed cards and writing your name over and over.

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You’d fold the sheets along the perforated line and one by one write your classmates names on the back. To: them. From: you. You’d stuff each little Valentine into those incredibly small white envelopes that never closed – no matter how many times you licked the seal.

After a few years and tens of Muppet Babies Valentines later you discover two things:

1. That writing your name in cursive is no longer exciting
2. Valentines day is a chocolate covered Hallmark holiday to the extreme

Let’s put the fun back into Valentine's cards by putting together a list of sweet and perhaps hilarious lyrics you could write on them, as nothing says “I love you” quite like Shad’s lyric “Maybe one day you’ll carry my fetus.” or Joel Plaskett’s “You’re a wrecking ball in a summer dress.”

Just imagine writing them on a card… and go!

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posted by Lana Gay on Jan 31, 2013