As Tegan and Sara gear up to celebrate the Jan. 29 release of their bold pop record Heartthrob, there’s a great chance its radio-ready anthems might reach a whole new audience. The same might be said of their recent foray into TV: Lena Dunham, creator and star of HBO’s controversial, Golden Globe-winning show Girls, commissioned Tegan and Sara to cover the Rolling Stones’ “Fool to Cry.” The song was released on the show’s official soundtrack last week.

“We know Lena and she’s a massive music fan,” Tegan Quin explains over the phone. “We’d been hearing rumours that she was putting together this soundtrack and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I hope she asks us to do something.’ So finally the request came in and we were like ‘Absolutely! Fantastic! Brilliant!’ And then I said ‘I have to go listen to this song because I’ve never heard it before.’”

The 1976 Stones track initially baffled the Quin twins because the Girls team asked for a faithful rendering, and its spoken word bits and musical backdrop don’t necessarily scream Tegan and Sara. They contacted a collaborator of theirs, electronic artist RAC, who helped the sisters craft an authentic version.

“I really like the way it turned out,” Tegan gushes. “And Lena loved it! We didn’t have to do any changes, which is awesome and now it’s out and people seem to really be enjoying it. We’re obviously excited because we’ve never done a Rolling Stones song before.”

It’s also a thrill because Tegan and Sara have been watching Girls since it came out, spending their Sundays off from recording Heartthrob obsessing over the angsty, coming-of-age series.

“I finally worked up the courage to tweet at [Dunham] about how much I loved the show,” Tegan recalls. “And she tweeted right back at us that she was a big fan of ours and had had all of our haircuts over the years.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God! Lena Dunham just tweeted at me!’ And my mom was there and said, ‘Holy cow, is that really how that works?’ and I was like, ‘Not usually! This is so cool!’ Lena’s lovely and I think the show’s brilliant and she’s a star. A brilliant writer, comedian and actress — I’m proud of the show. It’s really great.”

Tegan and Sara’s Heartthrob will be released on Jan. 29, but you can stream it at CBC Music for a week beginning Jan. 24. See them on tour across North America beginning Jan. 25.  


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posted by Vish Khanna on Jan 18, 2013