When we all came up with the idea for this CBC Music thing, I hightailed it over to the OCFF, which is kind of like Mecca for folkies. I stood up in front of a packed crowd of folk musicians, bookers, promoters and enthusiasts and promised that folk and roots music would be well serviced on the site. Today, we continue to make good on that promise as we launch the CBC Canadian Roots web radio station.

I’ve spent the past few weeks going through Deep Roots playlists, books of Canadian folk music, polling friends and insiders and compiling a slew of songs that would adequately represent the wide swath that is Canadian folk music. Everything from blues to bluegrass to singer-songwriter, to fiddle tunes to celtic to country, to indie-folk to archival recordings to live songs from Canadian folk festivals. If it’s folky, you’ll find it here. You'll find the stream in the singer-songwriter section of the list of web radio stations to the right of your screen.

You’ll hear artists like:

Rose Cousins

Ron Hynes

The Once

Gordon Lightfoot

The Foggy Hogtown Boys

Del Barber

Joe Grass

The Duhks

The Burning Hell

Jory Nash

And tons more. Have a listen to the stream, feel free to leave comments about what you’d like to hear or any other requests on the blog and I’ll be happy to have a look at them and even add a few. 


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posted by Tom Power on Jul 10, 2012