When you were a kid did you have a friend who went to Disney World? Did you wish you could go and were a little jealous? Did you want to make sure they knew about the infamous peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich at the Epcot Centre? Have I confused you yet?

Tracks on Tracks kicks off June 8th and a great group of bands and music fans will be heading across Canada to NXNE. If you can’t go, you might be a little jealous (just me?) but still want your friends to have a great time and perhaps try that great sandwich/ see that cool sight you’ve heard of.

With stops in Kamloops, Jasper, Edmonton, Melville, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Sioux Lookout and finally Toronto, where would you recommend our Tracks on Tracks travelers visit?

Where should they eat (snacks off tracks?)
What sights should they see?
Where should they NOT go?

Post your comments on the blog or tweet @CBCRadio3

Coming up we’ll hear from one of the artists who will be on board, Chris Ho!

Also, if you ever wanted to ask Dave Bidini a question, there is a CBC Music live chat starting at 12pm E.T./ 9a.m. PT right here.



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posted by Lana Gay on May 23, 2012