This series asks songwriters to describe their writing process, and what influences them.

Here, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Norah Jones:  

"Every song is different. Sometimes you can be inspired by something just walking down the street, and sing a little diddy into the voice recorder and come back to it later. Sometimes I'm on an airplane, listening to my headphones and I hear something I like and sort of take an idea from it and run with it. It becomes something completely different usually.

On this album we wrote all the songs in the studio, which was different for me. Sometimes we would start with bass and drums, me playing bass and [producer Danger Mouse] playing drums and then I'd sing some gibberish over it to see what sticks. Sometimes we'd do guitar and voice, or piano. Sometimes it would be a lyric. There's no rule, which is nice. 

You have to be inspired, that's the main thing. It can happen whenever.... All is fair in love and songwriting. You have to be respectful, but it's your song – it is what it is. There's a lot of personal stuff that can go into songwriting but there's also a lot of dramatization and fictionalization. You have to do that to make a good song."

posted by Brad Frenette on May 18, 2012