Today's guest: The CBC Radio 3 Singers (pictured above)

Happy Easter Monday, everyone--how has your long weekend been so far? I imagine you're recovering from a few extra days of am I projecting here?

So here's the thing I'm wondering: other than getting together with friends and having a few drinks, going to see a live show or maybe eating a few too many chocolate cream-filled eggs, what else do people do on the Easter long weekend?

A quick search of "Easter Traditions" on Wikipedia reveals a number of interesting rituals. An Easter "spanking" for instance. Hmmm.

Well, maybe not. So.....


Easter egg hunt? Big family dinner? Heading to the cabin by the lake? Any Easter musical traditions like singing songs from Jesus Christ Superstar perhaps? 

Post your traditions here on the blog. I'll actually be on tour with the CBC Radio 3 Singers as you're listening to this and so not "live" for this show, but I look forward to reading your comments.

Tariq's Basement Studio: Hoppin' good times.


Photo by Steve Venegas

posted by Tariq Hussain on Apr 09, 2012