Karp Foley is the musical duo of Peter Karp and Sue Foley. In March of 2012 they stopped into the Saturday Night Blues studio to chat with host Holger Petersen, and to play some music.

Karp is a blues guitar player and songwriter from New Jersey. He’s had three releases since 2002, making the most of his distinctive, gravelly voice. Foley is a Canadian blues icon with 13 releases since 1991, on her own or in collaboration.

In 2009, Karp Foley released a concept disc called, He Said, She Said, based upon a year and a half worth of email correspondence re-purposed into songs.

In April of 2012 Karp Foley will release a second disc, Beyond the Crossroads.

From their stop in the CBC Edmonton studio, here is a video of Karp Foley performing their co-written tune, “We’re Going to Make It.”

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posted by Chris Martin on Apr 13, 2012