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For a band on tour, what's the next most important thing to performing? Eating, of course! Every band that has hit the cold roads of Canada has its favorite restos, diners, coffee shops and steakhouses. Tastes of the Tour Bus features these road-tested recommendations. Today, singer songwriter, Rose Cousins.

Rose Cousins has been thrilling audiences with her incredible songwriting and gorgeous voice for the last decade. She was raised on Prince Edward Island, but now calls Halifax home. Cousins is used to playing in cozy venues for intimate audiences. She told us an incredible story about performing at a house concert earlier in 2012.

Her latest record is We Have Made A Spark, and once again she hit the road to show off her latest crop of tunes. Along the way, Cousins frequents a specific setting when refuelling. The restaurants, coffee shops and tea houses she loves are dotted across the country, and she shared her picks with TOTTB's Miranda Mulholland.


Java Blend - 6027 North Street

RC: "It's my favorite coffee. It's right around the corner from my house. It's locally roasted and awesome, I can always smell when they are roasting."

Fred Cafe Gallery and Salon - 2606 Agricola Street

RC: "It used to be an old Bank of Nova Scotia, it's this amazing cafe now. They have amazing food and good coffee as well."

The Ardmore Tea Room - 6499 Quinpool Road

RC: "A great cheap breakfast. It's open really early. They are famous for milkshakes, and the sign says chicken and spaghetti dinners."

Hamachi kita - 5543 Young Street

RC: "It's in an area called the Hydrostone. It's a great sushi place."

Jane's on the Common - 2394 Robie Street


ST. JOHN'S, Nfld.

Piatto Pizzeria - 377 Duckworth Street

RC: "St John's has amazing food. Their specialty is pizza, and we just got one here in Halifax too. It's amazing. Amazing deserts as well and great drinks."

Basho - 283 Duckworth Street

RC: "It's a really amazing sushi-fusion place. It's a place where you would go have one of those expensive meals."

Post Espresso Bar - 168 Water Street

RC: "It's brand new. It's this tiny little shop, it's all white. It looks like you would be in Brooklyn or something. They have a little iPad for a cash register and will make you a quadruple espresso if you want."

The Sprout - 364 Duckworth Street

RC: "They have those amazing Buddha bowls"



Beanz Cafe - 38 University Ave

RC: "That's where I go and get coffee, but they also have good salads and a quiche of the day."



Relish - 348 King Street

RC: "It's a chain in Fredericton and Moncton, and there is actually one opening up in Halifax. You walk in and they are like, 'what do you relish?'. They are great burgers and they have vegetarian beef or chicken. You can choose from a list of 15 kinds of toppings. Those are really good."



Mitzi's - 100 Sorauren Avenue

RC: "My favorite place in Toronto is Mitzi's. We always get whatever the feature pancake is. The pancake at Mitzi's is pre-doused with maple syrup and whipped cream and fruity deliciousness of the heavens. It can't be resisted. The pancake is the thing."



La Loux - 250, avenue des Pins Est

RC: "It's incredible. It's expensive but unbelievable. I think I had scallops, and somebody had a perfectly cooked steak. Small portions of unbelievably delicious food."



Broadway St. Roastery - 2318 8th St E

RC: "The coffee shop on the corner by the bridge. For diner breakfast, and they have pictures of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe."



Communitea - 1001 6 Avenue



"A buffet. My dad loves a buffet, I'll tell you what. Maybe that's where I got that from."


Listen to Miranda Mulholland's entire foody conversation with Rose Cousins by hitting the 'Play' button on the left.



Rose Cousins CBC Music page

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Tastes of the Tour Bus: Rose Cousins reveals the best coffee shops in Canada

For a band on tour, what's the next most important thing to performing? Eating, of course! Every band…


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Dan L.
#1 posted by
Dan L.
on Dec 17, 2012

You'll have to try Planet Bean in Guelph Rose.  Simply the best...and responsible for my coffee snobbery! 

#2 posted by
on Dec 18, 2012

There is an error for the cafe in Saskatoon, two different cafes are being described.

Cafe on the corner by the bridge? Broadway Roastery - two locations (2318 8th St E and 614C Broadway Avenue)Cafe on Broadway with awesome dinner and lunch with pictures of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe? Broadway Cafe (814 Broadway Avenue)

#3 posted by
on Dec 19, 2012

anbuxton is right.There are 2 Broadway Roasteries (owned by the same person) one on 8th St and one on Broadway Ave. You go there for coffees, teas and desserts The Broadway Cafe (on Broadway Ave) is also worth checking out - for food, not the coffee. It has 50s decor and diner-style menu, with old-fashioned classic meals and homemade milk shakes.

Derek Lindner
#4 posted by
Derek Lindner
on Dec 19, 2012

Oso Negro in Nelson, BC. and The Grind ( Victoria and 5th) in Kamloops. BC.

Not much in between except a couple of very good kiosks around Winlaw.

If anyone knows a good sit down in Revelstoke I'd be stoked to stop en route.

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