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When CBC Music launched, we asked some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians what they thought were the most essential Canadian jazz albums — recordings of timeless music performed by talented jazz Canucks.

Now that the year is soon drawing to a close, it seems timely to share the top 10 that the CBC Music jazz team put together, created from all of their choices as well as our own, and turn to you to help finalize a Top 10 Canadian Jazz Essentials list.

All of these albums are excellent, but as it’s the most Listmasy time of the year we want your help choosing the number one album (currently, they are in alphabetical order).

We wanted you to see the album covers in all their glory so forgive the slightly gargantuan appearance of our survey! But most important, vote for your number one album, and if you’d like to tell us why you’ve chosen your number one, please do, in the comments below. The poll is open until 12 p.m. Dec. 31 (ET).



Thanks to the following for contributing to CBC Music’s Canadian Jazz Essentials project: Don Thompson, Ranee Lee, Mike Murley, Alan Matheson, Phil Dwyer, Al Henderson, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Brandi Disterheft, Mark Eisenmann, Paul Novotny, Scott Morin, Michelle Gregoire and Reg Schwager.


Canadian Jazz Essentials: Scott Morin's picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Ranee Lee's picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Al Henderson's picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Mark Eisenmann's picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Paul Novotny's picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Michelle Grégoire’s picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Phil Dwyer’s picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Mike Murley’s picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Reg Schwager's picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Don Thompson’s picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Alan Matheson’s picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Emilie-Claire Barlow's picks

Canadian Jazz Essentials: Brandi Disterheft's picks

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Canadian Jazz Essentials: the top 10 Canadian jazz albums

When CBC Music launched, we asked some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians what they thought were the m…


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Daniel Barnes
#1 posted by
Daniel Barnes
on Dec 11, 2012

It's difficult to consider such international albums as "Night Train" up against Murley's "Two Sides", apples and oranges in a way. I should listen to 'em all before voting.. but alas... I have some Facebooking to do.

#2 posted by
on Dec 13, 2012

Mr. Peterson was an exceptionally good jazz musician, and a real class act.

Li Robbins
#3 posted by
Li Robbins
on Dec 14, 2012

We'll second that, skooke!

#4 posted by
on Dec 28, 2012

After listening to everyone on this impressive list, I voted for P.J. Perry, “Worth Waiting For.”  Ah, the power of jazz standards like “Stardust.”   I never lost an emotional touch with that Perry sound while listening to this album--even among the great musicians he is playing with.

Overall, the Top 10 list represents a very wide spectrum of great jazz.  All the artists deserve to be on the list; all the albums are essential; all the musicians are a part of Canada’s rich jazz story.  I appreciate that you included big bands and showcased the impressive arranging talents of the artists.  Easily, this is a list of jazz that you can fall in love with.

(Initially, I wondered about the whereabouts of female jazz musicians and vocalists.  Also, I wondered if male jazz vocalists are an endangered species.)


In the end, I learned a lot about jazz and enjoyed the music that inspired various artists’ careers over the course of this “essentials” series.  Thank you.  


Li Robbins
#5 posted by
Li Robbins
on Dec 31, 2012

Thanks for your comments, YapDaddy, very glad you like the list. That's great you took the time to listen to all of the musicians, because of course that's the ultimate aim, isn't it. Happy New Year to you!


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