A tiny flurry of activity from the Arcade Fire camp this weekend has the internets abuzz.

Under a shroud of secrecy and a fake name, Les Identiks, the Grammy Award-winning band allegedly played an intimate, invite-only gig for 100 people this weekend at Breakglass Studios in their hometown of Montreal.

With reviews, photos, video and social media prohibited, there’s little known about the show, save for these few details reported by the Twitter feed Arcade Fire tube and Australia’s The Vine:

· There were eight songs total.
· The new songs were “fun, dance-y and groovy.”
· They were heavy on percussion, with extra folks onstage to handle these duties.
· Violinist Sarah Neufeld was not with the band.
· A seven- or eight-minute long song opened the set.
· The songs were “rooted in the mid-19th century and African American history in the U.S.”
· Arcade Fire allegedly filmed the secret show themselves.

About a month ago, Arcade Fire’s Jeremy Gara let slip to Ottawa’s CKCU 93.1 FM that the band was working full time on their followup to The Suburbs, expecting it to be ready in 2013.

"We've been writing songs, and now we're in the studio pretty much full time just doing what we do,” Gara said. “We're just working on music and growing beards."

No word from any attendees about the status of those beards.


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posted by Andrea Warner on Dec 03, 2012