Matthew Byrne is one of the current crop of young Newfoundlanders preserving the rich musical traditions of Newfoundland. Although he’s only in his mid-twenties, Matthew’s passion for and lifelong immersion in the unique music of his home province fuels his fast-growing solo career both at home and away. His first album, Ballads, has gathered rave reviews, including veteran singer-songwriter James Keelaghan’s claim that it’s “one of the finest English-language traditional albums to come out in many a year.”
Matthew Byrne is also a member of The Dardanelles, a fiery quintet of great young St. John’s musicians – including CBC Radio 2 Morning host Tom Power.
Now, Matthew may be a young guy, but he knows a LOT about Newfoundland traditional music and he loves to talk about it. He has deep family roots in the music and it’s quite literally in his blood.
Toronto-based Canada Live producer Malcolm Gould spoke to Matthew Byrne recently from a CBC St. John’s studio.
During the conversation, Matthew takes us right inside the world of Newfoundland traditional music, plays some of his favourite records and, along the way, paints a fascinating self portrait.






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posted by Malcolm Gould on Oct 01, 2012