Congratulations to the Arcade Fire on winning the 2011 Polaris Music Prize for their album, The Suburbs!

Would they? Wouldn't they? The summer has been filled considerable speculation as how any of the other nine nominees could possibly challenge a band that had already won some of the most prestigious music awards on the planet, including a Grammy and a Brit Award.

Well, there's nothing left to do but argue endlessly about whether or not they deserved it. Actually, deserved it isn't the right word here... I should say deserved it MORE than any of the other artists nominated. For now though, we invite you to check out everything we've ever done with Arcade Fire over the past few years.

Arcade Fire learn they've won the 2011 Polaris Music Prize:


Vish Khanna interviews Arcade Fire, allegedly destroys their poster in the act:


Arcade Fire "Empty Room" - Track of the Day for July 11


Arcade Fire wins 2010 Bucky Award for Best Album


The Hodge Spot vs. Arcade Fire


Arcade Fire Session in October 2004


Podcast: Arcade Fire Answers Your Questions!

Last Night's gig: Arcade Fire at the Pacific Coliseum
Arcade Fire interview, circa Neon Bible

Arcade Fire members in side project Team B

Fans of Arcade Fire on CBC Radio 3

Arcade Fire & Wyclef Jean encouraging earthquake relief in Haiti

Arcade Fire's secret shows in Montreal, 2007

Arcade Fire plays high school cafeteria, 2007

R3TV: Arcade Fire and Hidden Cameras at the Summercase Festival in Spain, August 2007

Watch the the video for The Suburbs:

posted by John Paolozzi on Sep 19, 2011