Why not ring in the New Year with old friends? While you’re doing that, why not set your internet to CBC R3 and giggle along with Woodhands? That’s right, Dan and Paul of electro duo Woodhands are back to present their favourite tunes of 2011. Digging through the R3 archives for the past year, the boys will shower listeners and each other with their 2011 musical pick. And, in the spirit of their summer R3 show National Alarm, Dan and Paul will make sure that each pick gets held up to the scrutiny it deserves…even if it means risking their friendship over Dan’s love of Destroyer.

So strap yourself in for hours of great music! Here’s a sneak peek of some of our favourite tracks:

*Kid Koala - Remembrance*

*Junior BoysA Truly Happy Ending*

*Timber TimbreBad Ritual*

*Rich AucoinIt*

*Purity Ring - Ungirthed*

*Grimes - Vanessa*

*Babe RainbowGive You Time (feat. Ashley Webber)*

*and many, many other artists that set the bar high in 2011!

PLUS! Put on your pseudo-scientific lab coat (would that just look like a jean jacket?) and be wowed by a recap of the year’s best crypto-zoology stories, featuring a variety of imaginary animals – including thunderbirds and living dinosaurs– that Paul believes existed in 2011. What a cutie.

So, while you’re imbibing fizzy liquids and assessing the relative worth of sixteen different house parties, keep it locked to R3 and feel the Woodhands love as you ring in 2012!

posted by Daniel Werb on Dec 31, 2011