For those of you CBC fans who live in Vancouver, the voice of Stephen Quinn is a familiar part of your afternoon. For those of you outside the West Coast, Stephen Quinn is a news guy with a big love of music.

As host of the drive-home show On The Coast on CBC Radio 1, Stephen mostly talks to politicans and other news makers, but he always makes an effort to get in as much music as he can during the daily, three-hour show. (CBC listeners might also recall hearing him guest host this summer on Q and As It Happens). But today I've stolen him away from the news department and brought him downstairs to Studio 22 for some Shotgunning with Lisa.

Our drive takes us across the prairies in Stephen's first ever car and we play a few of his fave artists. And when I say fave I mean zealously excited about.

But I must add, as much as Stephen exuded affection for music, he also was quite warm and fuzzy on describing his first car. So while you listen to us drive and chat, think back:


I actually don't have that many fond memories of my Chevy Sprint. It moved. 


posted by Lisa Christiansen on Dec 29, 2011