O ver the weekend the hip hop singer/producer T-Pain announced he wasn't making any more music. No albums, no least until they start selling again, he said.

That may be a long wait.

May 2010 marks the worst month for CD sales in the United States. And that's saying a lot since sales have been declining for years now as the entire music industry works to figure out where to go in the future.

There's no doubt people still like music, but how they hear it is changing. And that brings me to this episode of Extended Play: "Do We Still Need the Album?"

Last week the long list for the Polaris Music Prize was announced. This prize is given to the best Canadian album - according to artistic merit, not sales. And that's a good thing, it seems.

On this episode I talk to Steve Jordan, the creator of the Polaris Prize, students from the Nimbus School of Recording Arts and Justin Rutledge - an artist who thinks the album is still the best way for a musician to tell their story.

posted by Lisa Christiansen on Jun 22, 2010