Tonight in Toronto, at the Music Gallery Theatre on Queen West, Fox Jaws will take the Summerworks Festival stage.

This band from Barrie has been together six years and will release their second album next week, August 18, 2009. No doubt Grant will be playing some stuff off of it on his podcast in the near future so I'm delving back to 2007's Goodbye Doris. This song is especially fitting for a Tunesday, when my little podcast drops in your iTunes.

This track starts out feeling like a mix of a throwback-sound from modern outfits like Bloc Party or Interpol, and then just gets more...delightful, for lack of a better word. I hope delightful doesn't scare you off, because I just mean it doesn't have the morosity of its Joy Divisionesque counterparts. When the female-lead chorus kicks in you know you'll be swaying this, and any, Tuesday that you open up your Fox Jaws.

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posted by Amanda Putz on Aug 11, 2009